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Weddings and Gala Dinners at Harridslevgaard Castle.

Experience a gala dinner in this historic and characterful building. When the tower door closes you will be transported back to times gone by, surrounded by marvelous mystery; knights and nobility.

Or l
et Harridslevgaard Castle be the perfect romantic frame for your wedding day. 
We will make the big day a memorable lifetime experience for bride, groom, and guests.

To make the day perfect each event is individually tailored and we host only one party at a time.






Aperitifs can be served in the park, the courtyard, Winter Hall, Anne Lykke’s living room, the Men's room, and gallery hallway.

When the time comes to be seated for dinner you will be greeted by an amazing sight; the elegant Great Hall, illuminated by hundreds of candles in candelabra and chandeliers.

After a sumptuous dinner we clear the Great Hall for use as a ballroom. At the end of this unforgettable evening you can enjoy a last glass of champagne in the park with a spectacular firework or fire dance show


Price example, based on min. 80 people:


  3 course dinner in the Great Hall

 Wines, beer, and water ad libitum for 7 hours 

Coffee and tea with homemade chocolates and liqueurs

Elegant table setting with long or round tables and golden chairs

Chefs, waiters and castle hire

DKK 1.205,- /  € 162,- per person

Additional options: 

  The manor house Jerstrup

  Falconry show

  Fire dance show or fireworks 

  Traditional lacquey uniforms
  for waiters 


  Small parties are very welcome, or we 
  can provide for up to 200 guests.

  Please contact us if you have any other

  We look forward to welcoming you to
  Harridslevgaard Castle.











At the castle we can offer you our wedding suite and our 2 blue rooms, as well the Bed & Breakfast apartments in the castle's northern wing

We also offer accommodation at the manor house Jerstrup where it’s also possible to have an after party if desired. Jerstrup has 18 double rooms with private bathrooms.
See more at:

When combined with an event at Harridslevgaard Castle we can offer you discounted rental rates. Please contact us for more information:

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